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Izia Lindsay is a mixed media artist who explores with both digital and traditional media.  His artwork addresses symbolism in Caribbean iconography that is rooted in tradition but interpreted with contemporary ideas. Caribbean iconography is used as a basis to create his multi-layered artistic narratives. His subject matter tackles issues of identity and class in a post-colonial society. His research stems from material culture, indigenous societies, traditions and the ever-changing landscape of the Caribbean. Lindsay uses bold, geometric shapes that juxtapose and intersperse to form his multilayered artistic pieces. Lines and shapes are conceptually layered and can be characterized as controlled naturalism. The thematic whole is a cultural narrative reproducing the dualities of his turbulent, cosmopolitan, Caribbean life.


Izia Lindsay.jpg


・Adobe Photoshop CC ・Adobe Illustrator CC ・In Design CC ・After Effects CC ・

・Wordpress ・Microsoft Office Suite・Maya・Final Cut Pro ・


・University of Miami ・ University of the West Indies ・UWI Afrikan Society ・ DVCAI ・ Redbull ・Converse ・

・Sunset Place Miami ・Lowe Art Museum ・Corcoran Museum ・University of Trinidad and Tobago ・British Petroleum ・

・ Art of Black Miami・ Florida International University ・Republic Bank ・McCaan Advertising ・Hard Rock Cafe ・Carib ・

・The 2 cents Movement ・Tribe Carnival ・Ministry of Arts and Culture ・Digicel・Dunkin Donuts ・

・Monster Energy ・Non-Profit Organizations ・and more...



・ Barbados ・ Suriname ・ Curacao ・ Miami ・ North Carolina   ・ Trinidad and Tobago ・ Jamaica ・ Washington, D.C. ・ Japan ・ Belize・ 

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